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Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Williamstown!


A vibrant, prayerful & friendly family of faith in Williamstown, WV.


Our worship services are lively and traditional & worshipful and warm!

Relevant for both the new and lifelong Christian.


Sunday School for all ages at 9:45am (except during the summer months) with Sunday Worship at 11:00am.


We are located at 314 West 5th Street in Williamstown.


Please click on "Contact Us" to get detailed directions to the church building & learn more about parking.


You can call the church office at (304) 375-6211 with any questions.  If no one is in the office at the moment, leave a message, and either our secretary or pastor will be in touch shortly! 



*****  “It is the mission of First Presbyterian Church of Williamstown to encourage our members to move toward a fuller and deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to respond to God’s charge to make disciples so that the body of believers can be equipped to live as God commanded, and to always be ministering to local and global community by using the gifts that God has given us to serve God and the needs of others.”  *****

Church Rummage Sale!

You are invited to attend our church rummage sale this morning from 9am - 1pm. Lots of treasures to be had and to pass on. All profits will support our Nursery Improvement Fund!

Easter Sunday Worship

Come and celebrate Christ's resurrection in community, as we join together in Easter worship.  We will be concluding our reflection of 1 Corinthians 13.  The sanctuary will be fresh and inviting, filled with flowers, the sound of music and the hope of our Christian love.  Come!  There's even news that the children will share a song on bells!  

Community Sunrise Service

Let us gather around the cross in Tomlinson Park, sing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today," and celebrate Christ's resurrection in community.   The sun may have already risen for just a wee bit, but we will enjoy this precious early time together.

Community Easter Egg Hunt

Kids in 6th grade down to toddlers and their parents are invited to our church to participate in a Community Easter Egg hunt.  We will begin in the church sanctuary at 11:45 and, after lining up, the children will begin their hunt with the noonday fire whistle.  See you then!  If you have any questions, please call the church office at (304) 375-6211.

Community Good Friday Service

You are invited to our community Good Friday service at the First Baptist Church of Williamstown.  The service will include drama ministry and focus on some of Jesus' relationships with people before his crucifixion.  The service will be in the multipurpose room of the church building.

Maundy Thursday Service

Come to our traditional potluck (6:00pm) and worship (7:00pm) in the fellowship hall as we recreate our sacred story and listen with fresh ears and hearts to Jesus' last moments with his disciples.  Our service will include a time of handwashing and sharing of the Lord's Supper together, after our fellowship meal.

Serving the Lions Club

Members of our Presbyterian Women and others in the congregation help provide the meal for the Lions Club meeting.  It is always delicious and fun to serve!

Community Ash Wednesday Service

You are invited to participate in our Community Ash Wednesday Service.  Participating churches include: Sand Hill United Methodist Church, Crossroads United Methodist Church, and the Williamstown First United Methodist Church and others.  The service will include a community church slideshow, a choir song with members from some of the churches, and a time of receiving ashes.  This will be a solemn and celebratory service.

Children's Worship

Come to worship this Sunday at the usual time!  The children will be helping to lead worship and sharing their gifts of reading, art, teaching and greeting!

Wednesday Book Club!

Our first book club meeting will be this Wednesday at 10am!  We're going to begin our study of C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity.  You can also hear an audio version of this book on YouTube from Apologetics 101... Go here to see part 1:  Coffee and other drinks will be available to drink and enjoy during our meeting!


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